Product NamesModelsDetailed parameters
4 in 1 SensorSC-SN1.4Bus Current:≤12mA 
Distance Detected:Height of installation:2.5m~3m
Diameter range detected):5m~7m
Bus Voltage:21-30VDC                            
Bus Power Consumption:<360mW
Operating Temperature:-5°~+45°C 
Storage Temperature:-25°~+55°C 
Transportation Temperature:-25°~+70°C 
Relative Humidity:Max 90% 
Shell Material:ABS
Size【H x D】:Height:39mm , Diameter:84.5mm
Installation Method:top mounted installation

Function Description:

1. Day/night control mode

2. Manual / automatic / semi-automatic mode

3. Work load intensity threshold setting

4. Illuminance value calibration

5. Illumination、movement、humidity & temperature detecting output with 3 data   types(1bit,4bit & 1byte), 

    the values can be sent cyclically

6. Movement detecting sensitivity with level 1~10

7. On/off mode by bus command

8. Illumination & movement data can be combined for light switching